A boutique stadium in Dandenong

Dandenong has been agreed upon by the local councils as the site of the Club’s football-specific stadium.

The Club envisages playing out of a boutique stadium with a minimum 10,000-capacity, with the capability to expand in future.

In all likelihood the stadium build will require Government funding, but private investment opportunities are also being explored.

Casey Centre of Excellence

Casey Fields has been agreed upon as the Club’s training and administration base after formal talks between the councils.

Yet to be constructed, the vision for the precinct is to provide a Centre of Excellence for south-east Melbourne, which will rely on partnership investments.

With its main training pitch flanked by a 4000 capacity stadium, our men and women will train on an A-grade pitch in a world-class facility that is also capable of hosting W-League, youth league and A-League pre-season fixtures and marquee games involving our local clubs.

Additional floodlit natural turf fields and synthetic fields will also house local clubs.

Matchday experience

Match day in south-east Melbourne will be about more than just the 90 minutes of on-field action. It will be a cultural experience to savour, from the moment fans commence their journey to the stadium.

Restaurants, cafes and pubs in Dandenong and the surrounding areas will be heaving, while Harmony Square will be set up as a live site with food trucks and cultural performances encapsulating the region’s rich multicultural flavour.

Inside the stadium, the stands will be a melting pot of the world’s cultures with fans of all backgrounds supporting the Club representing the region that welcomed them and their ancestors with open arms.

Finally the region’s rich football culture will come to life.

Links with the community clubs

This is a Club that will rely on the help of our local clubs, our local councils, our schools, businesses and community groups. But this is a Club that understands the responsibilities it has in the region and it intends to live up to those.

While the A-League/W-League Club will lean on local clubs for promotion of its games and to help it build its supporter and membership base, the Club intends for our relationships to be mutually beneficial.

Discounted A-League memberships to local players, coaching and administration support, clinics and locally-flavoured A-League match day activations are all part of the plan. But most importantly this Club will provide a professional pathway for all talented boys and girls who call south-east Melbourne home.

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