THE front page of the Herald Sun, front page of two local newspapers, major news stories on Channels Seven, Nine and 10, more than eight radio interviews and a stack of website stories.

Team 11’s plans to build a new rectangular stadium in the heart of Dandenong sure captured the imagination of media in Melbourne and beyond on Monday.

The analysis of Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill was pretty simple.

“For me, they’re in,” Hill said on the Fox Football Podcast.

Intrigued to see how the media responded to the stunning stadium designs? Click on the links below to access all the news.



The front page story on Monday morning’s Herald Sun, written by Michael Warner.


Coverage in The Age


Herald Sun follow up by David Davutovic, with Vince Grella declaring Team 11 can be a powerhouse.


Front page story on the Dandenong Journal by Nick Creely.


Front page story on the Greater Dandenong Leader by Jack Paynter.



This report on Channel 9 is by Dougal Beatty.


Michael Scanlan filed this report for Channel 7 news.


Rachel Cary from Channel 10 also came down to Dandenong for the press conference.



Vince Grella had a great chat to the boys on the Daily Football Show.


Gerry Ryan spoke to Gerard Whateley on SEN.


Gerry Ryan was also on with Ross and John on 3AW (listen from 1:16:30).


Jim Memeti spoke to the ABC Radio Breakfast show.


Gerry Ryan caught up with Eddie McGuire on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast (from 1:10:20).


Matt Windley was on Macquarie Sports Radio.


Matt Windley was also on the Four Diegos.


Jim Memeti was on Football Nation Radio’s Calcio Café (listen from 43:40)


The Fox Football Podcast, from 47.10. Simon Hill was bullish saying “for me, they’re in”, Daniel Garb said “it’s common sense”.



Joey Lynch’s take on the Daily Football Show website.


Clement Tito goes one-on-one with Vince Grella.


Clement Tito also paints Team 11’s confidence around securing funding for Dandenong Stadium.


Ben McKay filed this report for SBS’s The World Game.


He also had this on the Fox Sports website.


Professional Footballers Australia CEO John Didulica was glowing in his praise of the stadium plans on Football Nation Radio.