TEAM 11 has ramped up its engagement of community clubs, holding information forums across the south-east of Victoria for local presidents and committee members.

Coinciding with the first two weeks on the job for new Team 11 Project Officer Matt Windley, Team 11 held six regional forums between April 4-12.

Berwick City, Trafalgar Victory, Dandenong City, Langwarrin, Pakenham United and Chelsea each hosted nights, with representatives from more than 40 clubs across the region attending at least one of the sessions.

Windley will then continue on with Team 11’s commitment to building its A-League and W-League bid side-by-side with its community by visiting clubs individually on training nights or matchdays, while also staging separate meetings with club representatives during the week.

Chelsea SC committee member Carlo Bellino said he hadn’t heard much about the Team 11 bid before the information night at his club, but was sold on club’s vision by the end of the session.

And based on what he sees at Chelsea, Bellino said there is a large potential supporter base yet to be captured by an existing A-League club.

“From the information we were given, I think there’s a lot of potential in this region for this club,” Bellino said.

“There’s a lot of growth out here, the population is growing every day.

“If you can tap into the massive multicultural populations here as well as the community-based clubs and keep that grassroots connection then I think there’s a lot of positives.”

Trafalgar Victory vice-president Mark Judd said the Team 11 presentation made it clear that the new club wanted to actively – and genuinely – engage the entire Gippsland region.

“It was explained pretty clearly how Team 11 wished to identify itself not only with the south-east of Melbourne, but with Gippsland also,” Judd said.

“The presentation was most informative and left those present with plenty to think about.”