Dandenong Stadium Survey

The City of Greater Dandenong is seeking public feedback on the proposed development of a multipurpose stadium in the Dandenong Activity Centre, associated with Team 11’s bid to bring an A-League and W-League team to south east Melbourne.

Plans for the proposed stadium include:

  • Site: Council land adjacent to the Dandenong Train Station and bus interchange (corner Cheltenham Rd and George Street).
  • Scope: Multipurpose should port, entertainment and community stadium with a rectangular playing field and initial seating capacity of 12K-15K (with the potential to expand in the future). Plans also include multi-purpose community / function spaces suitable for community, corporate and private use.
  • Proposed Uses: Home ground for south east Melbourne’s A-League and W-League team (pending a licence being issued to Team 11) and suitable for rugby league, rugby union, AFLX, music concerts, community and cultural events and other entertainment.
  • Considerations: The construction and operation of the proposed Stadium is subject to State (and Federal) Government Funding and an A-League licence being awarded to Team 11.

The community can provide feedback by Sunday, 7 October.

**NOTE: Survey period now closed.**


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  1. Sharon King Harris October 5, 2018 at 4:29 pm - Reply

    It would be an opportunity for Greater Dandenong to focus on a positive Vision such as this stadium. Our youth will gain as well as our residents consumers workers and vistors who may come to our city, as will all the other communities. It is being built near public transport which would be a positive for young adults & parents, our youth need to be involved in more positive sports, as do youth with disabiities. I hope this may be one of many big visions for our city to gain in a positive way.. in We need far more vision in our City for our youth it is far better than having them being bored. COGD Lets not lose another opportunity to involved our communities.

    Don- put a notice in my letter box, I am not sure who Don is or where he lives, I would like to say this to Don; when you live near public transport (train strations) and city centres it is understandable parking in residential streets is going to be used during the week and on weekends. This has been so for a very long time. If it offends you you may offer a young family trying to save on petrol and budget offer a park in your driveway, that would be fantastic.. Maybe more helpful than to stop what our city needs for our youth & communities, especially given opportunity for that side of our city

    *# My other concers and reasons I would oppose stadium, if council were to increase rates, which would cause major finacial burden on residents, especially those on pensions.
    # Will it be a burden on on our City Council and will it have the capasity to stand on its own?
    # Where is the money going to come from?
    # Has GV’t bodies offered grant money or promises? If so is it real or just another fairy election promise? (which I have already witnnessed in past elections)
    # Has there being a public presentation – I would like to see a presentation on all what it is going there and how it is going to draw that side of our city in a positive way with the other side of our city. Will there be room for growth
    # How much has it cost COGD council already for this proposal?

    # Last question I ask knowing the complexity of the land – re-cost & growth was Greeves reserve looked at as a potiential larger posibility – moving clubs & redoing football ovals may have been a cost effective possibility & combinding show in some

  2. Sharon King Harris October 5, 2018 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    left a comment I would hope I am not the only one
    Sharon King Harris October 5, 2018 at 4:29 pm – Reply

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