Construction of a rectangular stadium next to Dandenong Train Station will dramatically change the face of the region, an economic impact assessment has found.

If Team 11’s bid for A-League and W-League admission is successful it will come with a new boutique ground on Cheltenham Road, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy through creation of jobs and with added tourism.

A report conducted by REMPLAN found that the construction phase will create up to 1028 jobs across south-east Melbourne, with 733 of those in Greater Dandenong alone.

Once the stadium is completed, as many as 45 ongoing jobs will have been generated.

Under a designed calendar of events that includes football – both A-League and local leagues – other sports including rugby league and rugby union, concerts, festivals, community gatherings and functions, it is estimated that more than 450,000 people would stream through the stadium’s doors in any given year.

The flow on effect of that tourism impact will be the creation of up to 306 ongoing jobs being created in the City of Dandenong

The REMPLAN report concluded that a south-east Melbourne A-League club and rectangular stadium in Dandenong would have “positive economic benefits” for the region.

It is estimated the construction phase of Dandenong Stadium will add $112m to the value of Greater Dandenong’s economy and $155m to south-east Melbourne’s economy as a whole.

City of Greater Dandenong Mayor, Cr Youhorn Chea, said a rectangular stadium in the heart of the city would transform Greater Dandenong.

“The stadium will help cement Dandenong’s role as the capital of the south-east providing a boost to the economy of Dandenong and the broader region,” Cr Chea said.

“Residents, workers and visitors can enjoy a wide range of events at the stadium in their own backyard.

“Additional jobs and further development will be very welcome in the region.”

The annual tourism value-add to the south-east Melbourne economy is estimated to be more than $23m given the anticipated extra visitation to the region.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Cr Bryan Payne said the benefits of Dandenong Stadium’s development were plain to see for all councils in the south-east.

“The REMPLAN Economic Impact Assessment provides a compelling portrait of Melbourne’s south-east in the context of the Team 11 bid. The economic benefits for the entire region would be nothing short of profound,” Cr Payne said.

“With visitor activity anticipated to generate an additional $114m annually, Team 11 promises to be a game changer.

“Team 11, and the associated infrastructure this exciting development necessitates, would invigorate south-east Melbourne down to the Mornington Peninsula.

“Economic and civic investment of this scale would announce ours as a region of the future, with the environmental and social credentials this entails accentuated by the optimism a new local professional sporting team would generate.”

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