Concert promoters will bend over backwards to send major acts to Dandenong Stadium.

That’s the message from famous singer, actor and theatre star Rob Mills, who said it is not just local football community who stands to benefit from Team 11’s admission into the A-League.

Passionate football fan Mills grew up in Wheelers Hill, barely 10km away from where a proposed 15,000-seat rectangular stadium would be built next to Dandenong Train Station if Team 11’s A-League bid is successful.

And while currently residents of south-east Victoria are preconditioned to head to the city to watch major acts perform, Mills said there is no reason why big artists couldn’t play in front of 20,000+ fans in Dandenong, in addition to their city appearances.

“We all know that journey to the city can take anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour and a half depending on where you are in the south-east,” Mills said.

“So it’d be great to have something like this a little more local. The biggest growth area in the state is the south-east so why not put a stadium there – not just for sport, but for the arts and big concerts as well.”

Mills, who rose to fame in 2003 in the first series of Australian Idol and has since gone on to carve out a successful career on stage and screen, said there is no shortage of big artists who have emanated from the south-east.

“Think of my old mate Michael Paynter, what about the Living End, CDB, Vanessa Amorosi, how about John Farnham,” Mills said.

“There’s guaranteed support from all of those guys as well. Why not do a little south-eastern concert for opening night?”

Mills said Team 11’s bid had his full support.

“I’ll be there,” he said.